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一款 纤 薄 折叠 的 LED 壁 灯

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  • 050215 Pare is now sold in Form + Wohnen AG, Rathausgasse 24, 5400 Baden, Switzerland
  • 121214 the film "the old elm" can now be seen online. The idea behind this work is to renounce well established marketing techniques that manipulate customers to buy often unneeded products. play here...
  • 170414 Kaede Gallery "Colors of a Far-Away Land: Contemporary Finnish Art" 15th - 26th of April Osaka, Japan.
  • 160414 in June a video will be published on vimeo. It will show an interpretation of Pare by a Finnish video artist.
  • 010214 Pares´sister "JÄTKÄ" will be shown at this years  Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair from 04.-08.February, stand B15:20 http://ark-ow.com/jatka.html
  • 040513 exhibition in Pro Puu-galleria Lahti, Satamakatu 2A, 04.05-01.06.2013
  • 211112 Finnische Dunkelheit oder Wie gestaltet man Licht, 22.11.–7.12.2012
    Lessingbad, Kiel
  • 121012 Pare takes part in:
    In the vicinity of the Arsenal.
    Opening 13.10.2012 at 6PM
    Associazione Spiazzi Castello
    3865 Venice
  • 270812 Pare in the new Arkadia international bookshop. There it will be used as table lamp and as stage lighting during performances.Address: Dagmarinkatu 5
    00100 Helsinki see image here...
  • 250612 Pare Wall is exhibited and sold in Galleria Pirkko-Liisa Topelius. The Gallery is just opposite of the World Design Helsinki 2012 pavilion. 28.6-10.8.2012
  • 230212 Pare takes part in Design exhibition in Seoul: Opening 16th of March 2012 6.00PM, 17th March-17th April. Hangaram Design Museum Seoul Arts Center.
  • 060112 We are searching for retailers for Pare distribution in Europe. Please contact: info@pareled.com
  • 040112 Pare is now sold in SEIPP Wohnen Waldshut http://www.seipp.com. The shop is located close to the Swiss border and offers convenient avenue for customers from Switzerland and Germany.
  • 201211 Pare is now sold in Interiors shop Fredrikinkatu 26, 00120 Helsinki. http://www.interiors.fi. The shop specialized in modern, classical luminaires from Artemide to Louis Poulsen etc.
  • 261111 Pare table version can be seen on youtube. The video shows the different settings and lighting qualities. Click here
  • 111111 To learn about news all around Pare, become friends on facebook, click here
  • 300911 Pare is now in Finnis.ch shop , Untere Halde 7, Baden, Switzerland, more..
  • 150911 After the first series there will be a second limited series of 50 pieces for each wall and table version. All luminaires within this series will be numbered and signed.
  • 120911 Pare is exhibited in Skandinavian embassy in Berlin "Die Finnische Dunkelheit oder wie gestaltet man Licht?" 13.9-29.10.2011, more...
  • 010911 Pare will be sold during Helsinki design week, more...
  • 080911 Pare is now in Johanna Gullichsen TEXTILE CRAFT& DESIGN street side window, Fredrikinkatu 18, Helsinki
  • 150611 we will offer Pare also in white due to many requests. So it will be available in ebony, oak and white.
  • 26.-28.08 15.00-17.00 o´clock open doors:" insight into Pare assembly" location: Seurasaarentie 11 00250 Helsinki
  • 220611 Pare table version is ready.
  • 171210 open talk about Pare development process in Arkadia international bookshop, Pohjoinen Hesperiankatu 9, Helsinki
  • 151210 First limited series of 20 luminaires are now for sale, all luminaires will be numbered and signed.
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