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a f l a t a n d f o l d a b l e LED l u m i n a i r e

This luminaire is inspired by wooden shingles: In old times these shingles were clipped to the wall and ignited to give light for a short while. The Finnish name for wood shingle is "Päre".

Pare is made of wood. It is only 10 mm slim and it is foldable. Specially developed gears allow the wooden parts to turn around each other by 360 deg. The luminaire so can adopt a variety of different forms.Pare has a flat led panel as luminous source, which gives marvelous light: Depending on Pare´s setting, the luminaire creates lighting effects ranging from decent atmospheric light to maximum functional light.

Pare will be available first as wall mounted version and later as table luminaire in different wood shades. Oliver Walter, June 2011, Helsinki

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